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Retirement Planning Services

RETIREMENT PLANNING is one of the main goals of most clients. The retirement planning process is aimed at answering that very important question:

Will I have enough money for my retirement?

Factors involved in determining the answer to that question include:

Michael will work with you to answer this important question incorporating the factors listed above, and help you map out your retirement plan.

Michael utilizes award-winning retirement modeling software in which different retirement scenarios can readily be evaluated. Once a base set of assumptions is established, the various assumptions can be altered to create additional "What-If" scenarios. The modeling software will illustrate each scenario's likely outcome and chance of success.

The modeling software is web based, user friendly, fun to use, and makes retirement planning and tracking one's progress in achieving goals over time an enjoyable process.



Michael is not taking on new client work at the present time.
He apologizes for his current lack of availability.