Fee-Only Retirement Planning, Financial Planning & Investment Management


Michael is solely compensated by fees paid by his clients.  He receives no commissions or referral fees.

Michael will only take you on as a new client when he feels confident that the value of the services he provides will exceed the financial commitment you make to him.

Fees are calculated depending on the services provided by applying one of the following methods:

Investment Management Flat Fee

Michael charges a flat fee to Investment Management clients. The investment management fee charged is nominally 1% per year applied against the investment portfolio, and is billed quarterly.

A minimum charge of $6,000 per year applies ($1,500 per quarter). The minimum annual fee equates to an investment portfolio of approximately $600,000.

The Investment Management fee covers not only the management of investments but also other financial planning services, as needed, such as annual income tax return preparation, retirement planning, and estate planning. If Michael doesn't prepare the annual income tax return for an investment management client, the annual fee is nominally 0.9% per year applied against the investment portfolio.

Hourly Retirement & Financial Planning Project Fee

Michael’s hourly rate is $200 and applies for Retirement Planning and Financial Planning consultations relating to goal setting, budget review, asset allocation review, or consultations for any other specific set of issues.